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Principal Investigator,
Full Professor and Chair

Prof. Massimo Santoro obtained his Master's Degree from the University of Turin, Italy, and his Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Open University of London, UK. In 2005, Prof Santoro joined the laboratory of Prof Didier Stainier as a post-doc fellow at the University of California, San Francisco, USA. While in America he became interested in cardiovascular development and endothelial homeostasis.

Prof. Santoro returned to Italy in 2008 where he established his first independent laboratory at the University of Turin's Molecular Biotechnology Center. In 2013 he was appointed Group Leader and Full Professor at the VIB Vesalius Research Center at the University of Leuven, Belgium. In 2017, he returned to Italy to join the University of Padua as Chair of Cell Biology at the Department of Biology. During his career, he has been awarded an EMBO (2004) and HFSP (2005) long-term fellowships, as well as the HFSP Career Developmental Award (2008), the Marie Curie Reintegration Grant (2010), the Odysseus-FWO Career Grant (2014), and, more recently, the ERC Consolidator Grant (2016). The Santoro Lab is currently focused on studying how redox signaling, metabolism, and hemodynamic forces regulate endothelial homeostasis in development as well as during cancer progression. To accomplish this goal, Santoro Lab is taking advantage of innovative genetic and imaging technologies as well as new molecular and biochemical approaches using vertebrate models, such as zebrafish and mice. The Santoro Lab aims to expand the current vision of endothelial biology by identifying unforeseen metabolic and signaling mechanisms and used them to develop novel anti-angiogenesis therapies to treat cancer progression and diabetic conditions.