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  • Lorenza Penengo (Associate Professor, UZH)

  • Silvia Grisendi (Founder, Shanti Wellbeing, UK)

  • Gabriella Pesce (High School Teacher, IT)

  • Elisa de Luca (Research Associate ITT, UNILE, IT)

  • Floriana Francalanci (High School Teacher, IT)

  • Simona Danio (Specialist, Nutkao Srl)

  • Vera Mugoni (Research Associate, UNITN)

  • Dafne Gays (Post-doc, KUL, BE)

  • Emiliano Panieri (Freelance medical writer, IT)

  • Raj Sewduth (Post-doc, VIB, BE)

  • Xiaowen Chen (Post-doc, VIB, BE)

  • Carlo Millia (Area Sales Specialist, Resnova, Srl, IT)

  • Elisabetta Grillo (post-doc, UNIBS, IT)

  • Valentina Panero (lab technician, UNITO, IT)

  • Federica Logrand (lab technician, UNITO, IT)

  • Douglas Norris (Research Associate, AU)

  • Marina Ricci (Research Associate, Merck Group, DE)

  • Marco Ravazzolo (Specialist, Food Company)


Staying connected with former students and colleagues helps us to develop future collaborations while encouraging professional growth for all lab members.

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